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Chow Chow and

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Hot Chow Chow

Apple Relish

Apple Relish ​can be used as a topping for cabbage rolls, delicious with pork (ham, chops or pork loin). Shown above is Apple Relish used as a garnishment with pork. Pour over cream cheese and serve with you favorite cracker.  For a real treat, try Apple Relish atop brats and hotdogs, it has a sweet tartness of apples.  Mix Apple Relish with your favorite cranberries for a tangy cranberry-apple relish dish, perfect to make-ahead for holidays and store in refgrigerator for up to three days before serving.

Squash Pickles   

                         Pickled Beets      

If you are looking for fire, then try Uncle Porgie's Stinger Hot Sauce.  The flavor of this hot sauce will add zing to grilled chicken wings,  barbecue chicken, scrambled eggs, meatballs, stuffed peppers, sausage or steak.  Or you can caramelize onions, mix in hot sauce, and use to garnish a burger. Adding hot sauce to ground pork to make your own breakfast sausages or use in sausage and egg breakfast casserole.  The first taste of is full of flavor then the heat from the sauce will sting you, like a bee.  For those lovers of hot sauces, this one's for you!

Serving Suggestions and Inspiration for Great Memories

 Uncle Porgie's

Stinger Hot Sauce